How to Unclog Floor Trap Choke or Drain Choke in Singapore

Clogged drain pipes are one of the most annoying and common plumbing problems, and there may be several reasons for it, such as hairs, residue, and dirt. Clogged drain pipes also became the reason for drain choke and floor trap choke because the accumulated dirt and residue didn’t allow water to clear properly. You have to keep an eye on this because this may become a major plumbing concern Bishan Plumber.

Almost every one of us faces the problem of the clogged drainpipe, floor trap choke, and drain choke, but most of us don’t know how to fix these problems easily and effectively. The following article will describe the easier ways to unclog a drain choke or a floor trap choke.

Ways to Unclog Floor Trap Choke or Drain Choke
The following are some of the most accessible home remedies that can be done by anyone to fix these common issues.

Prepare the tools
To clear the floor trap choke and drain choke, the most crucial step is to get the right tools. Usually, the basic reason for clogging the pipes and traps are the pieces of hair and dirt. So, if you find that water is not draining out, then you should first use a plunger to drain the water. People also use other home remedies tips and homemade solutions to clear the pipes, such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.

Use cleaning solutions
In case if you can’t clear the drain with a plunge, then cleaning solutions help you. You can make a cleaning solution at home with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon that will clear your pipe from dirt and residue. The home remedy starts with putting hot water into the clogged pipe and then adding half a cup of baking soda into it and leaving it for 10 minutes. Then add a cup of vinegar in hot water, put them down to the trap, and leave for 10 minutes. However, if the dirt and residue are accumulated there for a long time, this method will not work. In that case, the chemical drain cleaner will be the solution.

Have a plunger

A plunger is a very effective tool in the plumbing industry and is used at home to clear the choke pipes. To use it in the area of choke, uncover the lid or any obstruction on the pipe and fix a plunger to it. To make the air pressure, give some pumps; the air pressure will dislodge the choke enough to drain water.

Chemical drain cleaner
Using a chemical drain cleaner is a very easy method to get rid of drain chokes. Purchasing a drain cleaner will allow you to clean the drain choke regularly. Several types of drain cleaners are available in the market that are very effective and quickly clear drained pipes, floor trap chokes, and drain chokes.

Plumbing snake
A plumbing snake is the most common item used by plumbers to get rid of clogged pipes. A plumbing snake consists of a flexible coil of wire that can easily enter the pipe and clear it. When the pipe navigates through the drain or floor trap choke, it applies pressure, which causes the accumulated residue to break down into pieces and clear the drain.

Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaner
A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the same as the normal vacuum cleaner, but it is designed to work in the presence of water bodies. To use it, aim the vacuum pipe at the place, and it will suck all the waste. However, in the case of floor trap choke, the procedure will be a bit different. You have to remove the water first and then seal the surrounding area with a towel. It will help to create a powerful vacuum that will suck the clog out.

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