Flowering Plants for Shade or Low Light Areas

Many backyard gardeners find it tricky to choose the correct type of plants for low light areas in the garden. Due to this sketchy patches are generally left bare without any plants. However, if your garden Congo River is in the shade and does not receive full sunlight throughout the day, you can still just plant some amazing varieties.

Even if your a lot of your garden area is blanketed with shade you can plant some lovely blooming perennials. They produce beautiful and colorful flowers that can brighten up even the darkest corners.

Hosta Lily- Hosta lily produces white or lavender colored flowers but the plant is widely used for its bright and flashy vegetation. The leaves are large and blue or green in character. They have a beautiful texture. Hosta grows well in part to full shade and favors rich soil that can retain moisture.

Lily of the Valley- Lily of the Pit produces delicate bell-shaped flowers that are fresh. The plant is relatively strong and can survive in in the shade areas. Small vibrant flowers are borne on the stems which look very delicate and dainty.

Begonia- Begonia love shade and bear colorful flowers during the flowering season. When they are not blooming, the lustrous waxy green vegetation gives them a striking appearance. Begonia is an adaptable plant that can be also be grown in pots and containers.

Wild Violet- Wild Violet can survive well even in the darkest spots with intense shade. They produce pleasant smelling flowers that can be blue, purple, pink, white or orange in color. The flowers are edible and sometimes used to decorate desserts.

Jacob’s Ladder- Jacob’s Corporate has bright green vegetation and it produces beautiful blue colored flowers during spring and summer months. The flowers are clustered on the originate and the plant does well in somewhat in the shade areas.

Forget Me Not- This plant can be successfully used as a groundcover under tall plants that overshadow it. This plant can accept shade and does well in humid soil. The plant bears small five-petaled flowers that are generally blue in color.

Primrose- Primrose comes in many varieties that can be purple, white, orange, pink or yellow in color. Primrose grows well in shade, creeks, corners and rugged terrains. It’s really a beautiful addition to a rock garden.

These are some of the low light plants that can be grown in in the shade areas. All these are blooming plants that can make even the dull corners lively with their vibrant flowers.

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