Recycle Digger Trucks by Reconditioning!

The complete scrapping of a digger derrick truck is rather wasteful, as many parts of a damaged or non-working vehicle could be used for reconditioning another vehicle in the same way that household items can be recycled instead of winding up in a garbage dump.

Reputable vendors of these used, heavy-duty machines pride themselves in selling only carefully restored and refurbished trucks and ensure that each machine is in good working condition before being sold. This spray on bedliner includes rigorous mechanical refurbishment as well as aesthetic makeovers. The process through which these trucks are reconditioned is meticulously accomplished to be sure that the restored vehicles meet or exceed federal inspection standards.


To make a finished product look and feel almost like new, the old digger derrick is first completely disassembled. All parts are soaked in a degreasing compound to loosen any traces of grease and debris and then power washed until they are shining. Once the cleaning process is complete, all components are sanded down to the factory primer. Each unit is inspected for problems; dents are pulled and damaged metal surfaces are replaced as needed.

The entire vehicle is then sanded down and primed to prepare it for painting. In the paint bay, the chassis and steel boxes are sprayed using 2.8 industrial Emron paint. Once the paint has been applied, it is heat-treated to 100 degrees. The walkways and bed liners are sprayed with a layer of Line-X at a thickness of 100 mils for high protection. By using a 120-gallon Line-X machine, the seller is able to offer bed liners with a warranty.


With each component thoroughly cleaned and coated, the digger derrick is ready to be reassembled. Any broken parts found during this phase are replaced with functional pieces. Windows and interiors are scrubbed to remove paint and dirt; the cab and boxes are waxed using hand glaze. The end result of this whole process is a truck that by all appearances is nearly brand new both in appearance and function.

Before it can be sold, any vehicle must pass a rigorous 77-point inspection by expert mechanics. Various checks are performed to ensure the functionality of the engine, brakes, electrical systems, power transmission, rims and tires as well as the appearance of the cab and body. The final quality control checks are performed by a qualified account manager to ensure that the reconditioned truck meets all federal inspection standards before being shipped to a customer.

Buying a used digger derrick is not similar to an ordinary ‘used car’ investment, as reflected by the meticulous overhaul process. The reconditioned truck has the appearance of a brand new vehicle and is delivered with fully working and rigorously tested components. An additional benefit to purchase used models is that special accessories and attachments can be installed during the assembly phase, meaning that the finished product can often be highly customized to suit each company’s needs. If looking to invest in a new digger derrick, consider buying a recycled and reconditioned one to reduce costs and get a great value at the same time!

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